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Card sorting has long been recognised as a powerful and useful technique for organising ideas, creating flexible plans and stimulating discussions. Cards can often be the catalyst to new thinking and lead to innovative approaches to problem solving.

These cards were developed by experienced trainers and qualified specialists in each category.

We have concentrated on the most common topics that crop up in workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions, and created these stimulating and inexpensive card sets. If there are any other subjects you feel would be useful, please contact us.

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Watch the video

Watch a demonstration of how to build a marketing plan using cards.

Organise your ideas

Crystalise your plans quickly and visually

Identify objectives

Bring your targets into sharp focus

Prioritise next actions

Spot the tasks to concentrate upon


quickly build timelines

Plan what needs doing and when

group tasks

Organise key tasks intuitively to maximise resources